About Us

Early on

OneSmartBunny was founded in 2010 by Alex Fernandez. The goal of OneSmartBunny has always been to create games that the team thought were fun to play. Shortly after founding the company Alex teamed up with Joey Olmstead to create OneSmartBunny's first publicly released game, Project: Mayhem.

Why the name?

The name OneSmartBunny is actually an inside joke between Alex and his older brother Anthony. It is said that there is a home video laying around that contains Alex and Anthony searching for easter eggs. While the camera pans around you can see the camerawoman, their mother, pointing out the eggs to Alex. When Anthony passes in front of the camera, obviously flustered and not able to find many eggs, he says "Man, that's one smart bunny!".

Meet the squad

Headshot of Alex Fernandez
Alex Fernandez
Founder, Lead Developer
Headshot of Rob Heath
Rob Heath
Artist, Voice Over
Headshot of Celio Reyes
Celio Reyes
Headshot of Matt Stvartak
Matt Stvartak
Art Director